Saturday, 10 April 2010

God and DNA

The image to the left is a cross section of our very own human DNA. In an address at John Hopkins University, Francis Collins, the director of the Human Genome Project and the co-mapper of human DNA presented a similar slide and spoke about the intelligibility and marvel of the book of life. It is filled with more than three billion bits of information.

Next he put another slide on the screen (see right) and writing about the event as someone present, Ravi Zacharias reports on how it took the breath away of the audience who were watching. There in front of them was an image of the stained-glass Rose window from Yorkminster Cathedral. He writes: "Its symmetry radiating from the centre, its colours and geometric patterns spectacular - clearly a work of art purposefully designed by a gifted artist. It's sheer beauty stirred the mind."

The point is an obvious one. How can we compare the two and not at least consider the possibility that the One who designed the first did not inspire the latter?

Ravi writes: "The picture (of the DNA) did more that take away one's breath; it was awesome in the profoundest sense of the term - not just beautiful but overwhelming. And it almost mirrored the pattern of the Rose window... The intricacy of the DNA's design, which pointed to the Transcendant One, astonished those who are themselves the design and who have been created semitranscendant by design. We see ourselves only partially, but through our Creator's eyes, we see our transcendance. In looking at our own DNA, the subject and the object come together."
Ravi Zacharias: "The Grand Weaver."


  1. God can only be found by those who seek Him. Those who do not will not know He even exists.
    We can live a life without knowing how it ends.
    But we will never die without knowing how we had lived.

    No excuse.

  2. AWESOME answer!! Couldn't have said it better! God BLess You Mark ")

  3. You can be the only person in an art gallery and still know that the items around you have a creator. The same with everything you see. I cannot see God but i could never deny His existence.